We've done some amazing cooking together this year and I'm grateful.

I Cannot Thank You Enough

2020 has been an incredible year. It has challenged us as a whole, as communities, families, friends, lovers and individuals. Yet, for many of us, it has paved the way for growth and expansion in our understanding and experience of love, success and survival. I, for one, choose to count that growth as a blessing.

Over the last nine months, we have cooked over seventy [70] recipes together through both RECIPE’D gratis and RECIPE’D premiere and had twenty-seven [27] heart-to-hearts via the Food Confessions Podcast. We’ve experienced joy, laughter, love, frustration, cabin-fever and good food together. Thank you for allowing me to step into your kitchen every week or every month. Thank you for cooking, sharing and responding to the recipes. Special thanks to those of you who have taken the extra step to subscribe to RECIPE’D premiere and recommended it to others. With each new paid subscriber, I am able to give you more diverse content and more easily support the growth of RECIPE’D with new staff.

With 2021 on the horizon, I won’t make any grand predictions or promises about what the year will bring—stepping lightly and not touching anything LOL. However, I can guarantee you this, like Luther Vandross showed up every year, every Christmas, I’ll be here every week, every Wednesday with new recipes and a new podcast episode. I hope you continue to enjoy our weekly cooking sessions as much as I do. I am so incredibly grateful to have you here and looking forward to continuing on this RECIPE’D journey with you.

Until next year, eat good, love on the people that love you, and on yourself!



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